Neuro Transmissions:

Neuro Transmissions is a YouTube channel founded by Alie Astrocyte, dedicated to explaining the basics of neuroscience – from the structure of the neuron and how it communicates to the biology of vision, audition, and cognition. The channel launched with its series on basic neuroscience in September 2015. It also hosts videos that were submitted for science-aimed contests including the BrainFacts.org Brain Awareness Video Contest and the Alan Alda Flame Challenge. The mission of our channel is to make neuroscience accessible to all who are interested. In addition, articles and blog posts will be shared here on the website, along with some other goodies. We like making this stuff fun and easy to understand and we hope you’ll like it too. To put it simply, we create by the spirit of our moto: It’s not rocket surgery, it’s brain science!


AlieAlie (aka Alie Astrocyte) is a third year graduate student in neuroscience at UCSD. Her research focuses on how a particular brain cell, called the astrocyte, affects the way neurons grow, connect, and communicate. Astrocytes create proteins that are important for normal brain development, and problems with astrocyte proteins have been linked to a number of neurodevelopmental disorders, like Rett’s Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome. Alie is studying these astrocytes to see if she can find out what those proteins are and what’s different about the astrocytes in these disorders. Alie is also interested in science outreach and communicating science to the public; hence this website and the YouTube channel NeuroTransmissions.

Outside of science, Alie spends her time cooking (mostly Mexican food), gardening (mostly tomatoes) and reading (mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and comics with awesome female protagonists). She looks for any excuse to spend time outdoors, hates running, and loves hiking. She lives with her awesome, nerdy husband (123ComicBro) and her two wonderfully insane cats, Loki and Beta Ray Bill.

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